Retail IN with “10 In Salute” chain talks about the success of new windows in pharmacies:

something like this had never been seen before!


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The architect Maurizio Lissoni explains that Retail IN, together with Studio Massimo Mussapi, has revolutionized the windows concept of “10 In Salute” pharmacies by introducing a unique, clear and ironic message, conveyed by an installation that includes a Lightbox and messages that become changed every month.

A bright message focused on the services and on the health of the client. It  highlights the specificity of the pharmacy and the needs that the pharmacists professionally manage to satisfy, using a veiled irony and smart associations of ideas.

The realization of the graphics is entrusted to the architect Massimo Mussapi who manages to create the images with a unique and captivating originality.

This windows revolution succeeds in capturing the customer’s attention. It takes away the overmuch and commonplace standard communication that we all see in pharmacies, using a language that is easily understandable and directed to the needs of the customers.

The communication, the furnishing format and the packaging of the whole chain “10 In Salute” have been entrusted to Retail IN. The company, with the strong collaboration of the architect Massimo Mussapi, leaded to coordinate the message of pharmacies that are specialized in “health”.

It seems paradoxical but these pharmacies want to distinguish themselves from the concept of “drug supermarkets”. They bring the primary care needs of patients to the center of their work, where the professionalism of the pharmacist’s advice is recognized.

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