The format and everything that has been accomplished so far at chemists “Moizio” and “Alla Madonna del dott. Vintani” was officially introduced to the Board of Directors of “10 in Salute” chain of pharmaceutical stores, and received absolutely positive feedback from those who viewed the presentation, which you can also view by clicking the box hereunder:


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The presentation displayed the basic guidelines of the format, which was wholly developed by closely cooperating with studio Massimo Mussapi, starting from how the spaces are distributed within the pharmaceutical environment, moving on to the display logics of each area characterized by specific furniture, the internal and external communication, how the cosmetics area was featured, the technical details of the elements we inserted. All the way to the finishings, the lighting and the “before vs after” video where we interviewed doc. Branca (Farmacia “Moizio”) and doc. Vintani (Farmacia “Alla Madonna del dott. Vintani”).

Both expressed their appreciation for what we have achieved, since they were the first chemist shop renewed completely according to the new format: a radically transformed environment, more proportionately and sensibly shaped, more RETAIL, with displays enormously greater than before yet not oppressive for the visitor, but also and more importantly more accessible for all, including any disabled individuals, starting from the entrance, continuing with the shelf visit, then interacting with the chemist and making a purchase, and finally ending with leaving the store.

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