Retail IN loves to join a game that is outside the retail world: such is the case with Camillo Gelato e Cioccolato, ice cream and natural chocolate parlour, for which we provided design and production. Our business included completely renewing the spaces, by demolishing the old plasterboards in order to bring out the wooden and iron weight-bearing structure. It was made richer thanks to both particular lighting effects, due to hidden LEDs, and to panelworks and natural wood coatings which resulted from recovered century-old planks which have been treated so as to use them again and exclusively.


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Genuinely delightful in the middle of the historic center of Seregno, in Brianza, a must-stop for passers-by who want to taste a cup of warm chocolate or a very tasty and, more importantly, natural ice-cream within the welcoming and warm spaces marked Retail IN.


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