The purpose of Retail IN is getting to know and experimenting retail all-around: such is the case in the pharmaceutical sector, where the company has officially put its foot when it was selected to develop the format of the chemist chain “10 in Salute”, for which we delivered the first store during the past days and which just happened to open shop yesterday. New rooming design, overall renewal including new systems, plasterboards, false ceilings, lighting, painting, and last but not least the production of specifically-designed furniture and display accessories.


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The overall chain format has been studied and processed all-around (furniture, signs, communication, accessories, graphics) in cooperation with the atelier of arch. Massimo Mussapi, who has great experience in industrial design, architecture, interior and graphic design, on contract and collectivity projects.

We have completed and are carrying out projects regarding many other chemist stores, which have joined the chain, and they will be completed within the year.

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