Also the Pharmacy Balocco of Vanzago decided to renew its look by proceeding with a partial remake of the furniture and lighting layout, following the “10inSalute” chain format. The challenge of this project was to develop a layout that would be integrated with part of the existing furniture and above all did not clash with structural constraints, adapting to the latter. A challenge won by Retail IN with the architect Maurizio Lissoni: the integration of new central gondolas, together with the existing pillars, defines a pre-established path for the client without making him perceive the obligation to follow him.


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The reconstruction and movement of the cash counters, as well as the entrance, guarantee the customer a complete view of the pharmacy, allowing him to visually identify the areas where the products he needs are located.


Finally, even the cosmetics station has been completely renovated: a bench with a simple and minimal design, but refined, colorful and bright: able to attract the customer’s attention by giving an identity and characterization to this particular sector of the pharmacy.

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