By officially opening the second chemist store, the celebrated “Alla Madonna” by Doc. Vintani in the town of Barlassina, Retail IN continues its cooperation as General Contractor with the chain “10 in Salute”.

The whole process took place extremely gracefully, on account of the context and of the undeniable historical value of the location: as a matter of fact, numberless generations of Vintanis have operated as chemists, and indeed since 1547 this family has passionately and competently been working as chemists.

Entering such a traditional situation proved to be a significant challenge, which RETAIL IN professionally met and won by wholly reviewing the location, starting from the entrance which has been completely renewed, proceeding to the counter-ceilings, lighting, flooring, the way the various store areas have been rearranged, the communication and the overall reshaping of the furniture, all of which have enormously increased the range of self-service products.


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The customer approaches the chemist environment following a conceptually new and revolutionary course, where the user not only seeks an aseptic place where to find what he needs in order to reach his healthiness and wellbeing, but also plenty more: a meeting point for patients and the chemist, a place for counselling, for interaction, for services and, last but not least, a RETAIL environment, where he can autonomously reach a range of products already on display and  therefore freely available, accessible, communicated and reasonable.


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